Today was a great day with Tony! He was back to his normal self and
was a delight to be around. He was once again making eye contact and
acknowledging me when i spoke to him. The majority of the day it was
dark and rainy so we had to stay inside. Tony did want to go outside
today and asked to do so several times, but was actually not upset
when I explained we couldn’t go because it was raining. So we did the
usual routine watch Nightmare before Christmas while painting and
coloring. Tony also decided today to make a bed in the living room
for not one turtle but all five of them! He also must have assumed
they were cold because he put 4 blankets over them.

When it finally stopped raining Tony could not wait to get outside.
As soon as we were out the back gate, I knew exactly what he wanted to
do. As usual he wanted to play stop/go. I held him and ran with him
for awhile but this gets tiring so I put him down and made him run
next to me. As we were running, Tony noticed a white dog. He got so
excited and immeditately ran up to the dog and her owner. He told the
woman he was Tony and grabbed her hand as well as mine and said
“gooo”. He wanted us both to run along aside him. By this time the
dog had run off and she needed to go after her dog, so Tony said bye
to the lady and her dog. He’s a very social boy! So by this time
Tony was getting tired and we decided to go inside. As soon as we
walked in the door he was already manding for turtle and cup. So
Anton took Tony up to bed. So overall today was a great day. See ya
next week!