When I got in today, Tony was upstairs taking a nap. He had an early morning with the speech therapist and was completely wiped out, so I set about cleaning up his room. About 2 hours later, I heard Tony coming down the stairs with Marlaina. His face was flushed with his rosey cheeks. Absolutely adorable! One of the first things I did was change his diapers and he started asking for the crayon marker store. Marlaina was craving some Chick Fil A, so we took Tony on a little car ride.

When we got to the crayon marker store(Publix), Tony was excited, that was until he realized that his mom wasn’t planning on coming inside. He started to get really upset when he didn’t see her getting out of the car, so I had to pick him up and take him inside. On the way there, he threw his cards and dropped his shoe. When we finally got inside and got him situated in his car cart, he continued to cry for his mother until we arrived on the office supply aisle. I pulled up and any kind of anxiety was forgotten. We ended up leaving with a kit to create artsy envelopes.
We got back in the car and went to Chick Fil A. As soon as we got inside, he was already asking for us to open the box up. I think he was expecting there to be markers or crayons inside, but there weren’t any so he started getting upset again. When we got home, he immediately started messing with his new item. He enjoyed the different colored stamps that came with it. After a little while of this, we went into his room and started watching Corpse Bride. He kept asking where his mom was the entire movie and Marlaina would have to repeatedly say that she was right outside the door. We eventually went into the living room to watch the Couch movie and then old Christmas cartoons. He’s already getting ready for christmas. After several replays of the cartoons, he started getting tired so it was off to bed.