Today was a rather short day with Tony. When I arrived, I was informed by Marlaina that it had been a long night. Which was reflected in the state of the living room and playroom. Tony had woken up at 11 and only slept this morning for about 3 hours. He was very tired and getting upset easily. Tony took my hand and headed me into the playroom.

When we got in the playroom he was manding for markers. I told him that we had markers in the living room and went out to get them. He started to get upset and said he wanted new markers. I told him we would draw circles with the markers and that seemed to calm him for a little while. After we finished drawing the circles, Tony was once again asking to go to the crayon and maker store. I asked him if he wanted to go to the park and he said “park yes”. So we headed out the door to go to the park. Once we got outside he started to cry for his mom. So we went back inside the house. Marlaina agreed to go with us, so we headed out to the car.

Once we got in the car, Tony calmed immediately calmed down. When we got to the park Tony started running towards the steps and wouldn’t wait for me to put our stuff down so we headed up the slide with turtle and cup. After about 15 minutes at the park it was obvious that he was completely wore out. He couldn’t even walk straight. So Anton took Tony up to bed and I proceeded to clean the living room and playroom.

After I was done cleaning, I headed to the Dollar Store and Walmart to buy some reinforcers for Tony. We are going to start potty traning him next week and wanted to have something to reinforce the behavior when he does it.


Today when I arrived Tony seemed a little tired. We ended up just coloring and watching some shows for the majority of the afternoon. He had OT and I didn’t want to wear him out. His OT session went really well. Despite him being tired, this was the first time I had seen him focused in a long time. He did everything Brittany asked without hesitation and was easily redirected away from the crayons and markers. On the way home, I was going to take him to the park but he fell asleep in the car. So when we arrived back home, Tony went to sleep and I cleaned up his playroom.