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Halloween 2006
When I arrived today, Tony was gone. He was on a car ride with his mom to pick up “sissy” from school. While they were gone, I started to clean up some. About an hour later, Marlaina pulls up and I go outside to bring Tony inside the house. As soon as he walked through the door, it was turtle, cup and Corpse Bride. The next hour or so was spent preparing for our big night out. As soon as Danielle walked through the door, I started the process of getting ready as a witch. Tony was very scared. He seemed to hate the outfit especially the hat. It got to the point where he was on the ground, with his head buried and telling me to take off my hat and clothes. He doesn’t seem to like black too much. Everyone got dressed and we all took pictures. Around 6:30, we met up with the Bouchers and walked around the neighborhood. Tony sat in his stroller in the beginning, while Danielle tried to manuever it around the obstacle course.

Tony seemed to thoroughly enjoy trick or treating. When we finally allowed him to walk around with us, he was running up to the door with the rest of the kids and saying trick or treat. He was being a little curious too, telling people to open the door and trying to stroll in like it was his own. He liked the pumpkins. He started to get upset when there wasn’t one in front of every house, so the night was cut short. We headed back to the house. He was still upset when we got in, so Marlaina put the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory in. He was hesitant at first, repeatedly asking for Corpse Bride, but Marlaina fast fowarded to the songs and he was immediately intrigued. When I left, he was lying on the couch, paying no attention to anyone else except the movie.

October 30th:
When I arrived today, Tony was taking a nap, so I went into his playroom and tried to make some sense of the chaos. Not too long after, Tony was downstairs with a smile on his face and manding for Corpse Bride. He was in somewhat of a mellow mood, playing with his little people, until he started screaming for the crayon marker store. Anton and I tried to redirect him to something else. After 3-4 minutes, we were able to convince him to go to the blue bus but somewhat hesitantly. He still had tears running down his face. On the way to the door, we ran into Marlaina, who had awaken from her nap because of Tony’s temper tantrum. He ran to her immediately and buried his face in her. She asked him if he wanted to go get some fries, but his mind was already set on the crayon marker store. She grabbed her stuff and we were off to the crayon marker store(Eckards).

When we got there, Marlaina was just going to have me take Tony in but apparently Tony had different plans. As soon as I got him out of the car seat and took two steps away from the car, he started crying for his mom, so Marlaina ended up coming in. We went straight to the crayon isle and we managed to leave the store with only two items(Spongebob Coloring Set and Erasers). We got back in the car and headed to Chick Fil A for some lunch. On the way home, Tony was munching on his “fwies” and looking at his new items. When we finally got home, it was Corpse Bride once again.
After finishing lunch, I persuaded him to go to the blue bus. On the way out, he said “bye bye mommy, bye bye daddy.” While we were in the bus, I took the opportunity to get some ABA done since it seems like the only time when he isn’t distracted with some toy or show. Not too long after, the mail lady came. He opened up the window, and repeatedly said hi and asked how she was doing. After about 20 minutes on the bus, we headed back inside.

He manded for some “blue’s clues” as soon as we got in. He lied on the couch with Turtle and cup and was completely consumed in the movie. While he relaxed on the couch, I started to clean up again. 10 minutes later, Tony came in and started making a mess again. He kept asking to be lifted “up” and saying that something was stuck. There was a few minutes while he stood there and had a look on his face like he was constipated. A minute later and the result of the pushing and red face became obvious. I kept asking if he was Pee-yew stinky but he kept saying no and refused to let me change him. He started getting upset and Marlaina had to convince him to allow her to change his diaper. It was dreadful. The smell became extreme as soon as you took off his pants. After his diaper change, he was in a brighter mood. Not too long after, I finished up cleaning and Tony was taken off to bed.