The first thing that we did when we arrived was get Tony and go to the “crayon marker store”, in other words Publix. Tony had to be coaxed to get into the car by his mom and even then he was in tears when we pulled out of the parking lot. When we got to Publix, he got into his usual cart vehicle and pretended to drive the cart while we pushed. He only chose one item. We went to Chick Fil A afterwards and then went back home. He manded to use his new painting item immediately. After a little while of painting, we decided to head to the aquarium. This was Tony’s first time at the aquarium.

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Tony seemed a little reluctant to go to the aquarium at first, but when we told him we were going to see big fish he was immediately excited. When we first arrived, Tony was being pushed around in his stroller. After a few minutes of being in the stoller, he immediately said “out”. So we took him out of the stoller and he immediately ran from tank to tank looking at all of the fish. He always asked to be picked up so he could get a better view. The only thing that seemed to scare him were the scuba divers, especially when they waved at him.

When he was finished looking at all the fish, we took Tony to the the play area. It was set up to look like a ship. There were a lot of other kids there and Tony just joined them in running around and going up and down the slide. We also took some really cute pictures…hopefully Anton will post some of them.

On the way out of the aquarium, we took Tony around the perimeter so he could look at the water. Then it was off to the Children’s Museum. When we arrived there, they had just got done with the carnival. There was a party going on, so there were a lot of kids there.

We started out in the center room with all the golf balls. There were different contraptions, that would deal with the circular movements of the ball. After we left this room, we went into a water room. There was an area where you could paint the wall and Tony went immediately to it. We tried to persuade him to put on a coat to prevent him from getting wet, but he wasn’t having it. We then got him to go to the next room. This was a play grocery store. It was actually a minature Publix. It had the produce aisles, meat section, frozen food section and more. The kids can get a cart and check out at the register when they’re done. Tony went and got a few items but quickly moved on to the next room. Were hoping that maybe pretend shopping will get him more interested in trying new foods. The next room was a huge boat. There were a lot of kids and Tony seemed to enjoy interacting with them, running around in circles with them. The next area we went to was the toddler play area. Tony liked running around on all the equipment but then informed us that he needed a diaper change.

After we changed his diaper, we went back to other side of the Musuem to check out the castle. The upper level of the castle had costumes that the kids can put over their clothes but Tony wasn’t interested in trying any of them on. While we were running after him on the top level Danielle hit her head on one of the boards hanging from the ceiling. So Jennifer played with Tony in the castle for the rest of the time. Then it was on to the last room. This was the arts and crafts room. Tony immediately for the markers and tried several colors out and then they were closing so we headed home.

On the car ride home, Tony was asking to go night night. So when we got inside, we made a bed for him on the couch and put Corpse Bride in. Tony kept saying night night upstairs and tried to run towards the stairs, he was getting upset when we said he had to go night night on the couch. So we suggested a trip to the park. We were only at the park for about 15 minutes when Tony was so tired he said night night in the bed and home. So we headed back home and he was again upset when couldn’t go to sleep in his bed. So Jennifer got him distracted by playing Wiggles games on the computer. Then Anton and Marlaina arrived back home and Tony went upstairs to bed.