Today when I arrived Tony was full of energy. He had stayed up pretty late and then slept till late morning. He was watching a movie but was ready to head into the playroom to paint. Once we were done painting we went into the bathroom to wash our hands then headed out to the bus.

Since it was a cold day I grabbed Tony’s vest for him to put on. He didn’t like the way it felt on him and kept trying to take it off. Marlaina and I told him that if he wanted to go out on the bus he had to keep it on. Since Tony’s vest was blue and the shirt I happened to be wearing was blue, I tried to persuade him to keep it on by telling him that we needed to wear blue in order to go on the blue bus. It seemed to be working, but as soon as we got on the bus he was trying to pull it off.

When we got on the bus Tony immediately went for the carseat and wanted to sit in it. After a minute of that he headed to the driver’s seat. He pretended he was driving for awhile and then unrolled the windows to sing out of. After he finished driving, he started to play with the hawaiin girl on the table. Since we had been basically outside for awhile (Tony likes to keep all the doors and windows open), I persuaded him to go back inside the house. I told him lets go see what Jack and Sally are doing (referring to his favorite movie Nightmare before Christmas).

Once we were back inside I went to put Nightmare before Christmas in the DVD player when Tony handed me Corpse Bride. We watched this for a few minutes and then Tony wanted to watch Bob the Builder. While he was watching Bob, I got his Wiggles bag ready for his OT session with Brittany.

After Tony was finished watching Bob the Builder, we headed to Chesterbrook for his OT session. When we got there Tony had a lot of energy so Brittany showed me what they do to get them more calm so they will be able to stay on task. Tony had an overall good OT session. He cut paper all the way across for the first time without any help!

After we left OT, Tony and I drove to the park. When we arrived, there were cars everywhere and too many people so we headed home. When we got home Tony and I painted some and watched some more shows.

Before I came over today, I stopped at Chick-Fil-A to pick up Tony and I some fries. When I came in I noticed that Tony had already got fries a little earlier. When I sat the bag down to pull the fries out, Tony kept saying loudly “two fries”! He seemed excited that he had more fries now.

Not too long after I arrived Tony started manding for the crayon and marker store. Instead of making a trip I tried to find a box that looked relatively new to see if that would appease him. I found a box of colored pencils that seemed to work for a short while. I gave Tony the box and went to find some paper. I then had him try to different color circles on the paper. (This is something OT is working with him on.) At first Tony would draw a circle but continue drawing them and would not stop to complete it. So I used hand over hand to show him when to stop. After a few times trying this, he would draw the circle and stop!

After we were finished drawing circles, Tony seemed to be getting a little upset so I suggested we go to the park. This usually seems to cheer him up immediately. He was excited and went to get his shoes but as we were leaving started asking for his mom to come. Marlaina said she would walk him out to the car but when we got to the car, he didn’t want to leave his mom and again began asking for the crayon and marker store. So we headed to Marlaina’s car to go to Publix. At Publix, Tony picked out a new set of paint and crayons.

When we got home he immediately wanted to try out his new paint set. He had me open the colors and then wanted to mix them to make new colors. He also decided to do a little fingerpainting, so headed to the bathroom afterwards to wash our hands. After Tony washed his hands, he wanted to brush his teeth as well. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get him comfortable with the potty. I put the Blue’s Clues toliet seat over the toliet and then took his clothes off and put him on. He sat on it for about a minute and then was ready to get off.

We headed back into the living room when Tony manded for Wiggles Dance Party. I put it in and we watched that for a little while and then Tony started to get upset again. I suggested the park and this time he left with me.

When we got to the park there was another little boy there as well. They both seemed really interested in one another. Tony and I would go down the slide together after the other little boy, and then the other boy would wait at the steps until Tony and I got up there. I told Tony to say ” Hi, I’m Tony”. He repeated and the other little boy just smiled and said he was Thomas. We stayed at the park for about an hour and then headed home because it was evident Tony was completely worn out.

When we got back home, I changed his diaper and then Tony was off to bed. After he went to sleep I cleaned up the living room and his playroom. I also went through all the empty crayon and marker boxes and filled them up. So hopefully now when Tony wants new crayons we can pull these out and “convince” him that these are new crayons.

When I came in yesterday, the playroom was in utter chaos. Tony had torn it apart, looking for something that apparently he had trouble finding. Toys were all over the place. He had been up late the night before, so I was watching him for about 5 minutes and then he wanted to go to bed. This was not a long nap though. I went to the grocery store while he slept. When I had finally got back and put everything away, Tony woke up. He was crying very loudly. 5 minutes later, I saw him climbing down the stairs. We went into his room and watched Corpse Bride. This movie has been on constant replay for the past week. After a little while of this, he started asking for his mom. Unfortunately, his mom was upstairs sleeping. His dad had to help me out and redirect him. We went back to his room and watched some more corpse bride. 10 minutes later, he was asking for the crayon and marker store. We couldn’t take him at the time, and so we tried to persuade him to go out to the tennis courts and play with his ball. He wasn’t going to have this. Instead as soon as Anton left to go get his ball outside, he started getting upset again. When I telling him that we would go out to the bus, he started crying for his mom and repeatedly screaming crayon and marker store. He continued to get upset for the next 5 minutes and threw things around the room. Eventually Marlaina had to come downstairs and he was taken to the crayon and marker store. While he was gone, I tried to tidy up some. When he got back, we went out to the bus and colored. I persuaded him to go out to the tennis courts. We were halfway there when he decided that he wanted to go back to his mother, so we headed back home. We got there and he started asking for his mom but she was in bed, so we went to his room and watched some more corpse bride and played with his train set. When his mom finally came downstairs, he went straight to her. Marlaina kept him busy with the Wiggles website, while I cleaned up his room. After a little while of this he was tired again, so he was taken up to bed.

Today when I arrived, Tony had just gotten back from his speech classes. He was in a good mood and having a good day. He immediately asked for his “fwies” when he came in and Corpse Bride. When I had finally put Corpse Bride in, he made sure to cling onto me so I couldn’t press play. He likes the song in the beginning. While he was watching this, he was eating on his fries. He manded for me to open his new box of crayons. I did this for him, and he was persuaded to go outside to the bus. He played with the little hawaiian girl and colored on his notepad. We’ve been trying to teach him how to draw a circle correctly, so I took this opportunity to try again. He seems to still have a little trouble with it. After a little while on the bus, we went to the basketball courts. He likes to kick the ball around. I would kick the ball for him, and he would chase it. There was a drawing for hopscotch so I took the opportunity to ask him to point to certain numbers. He did this well. After a little while of this, he was running around the court again. He eventually got tired. He grabbed Turtle and cup and proceeded to the door. We headed back home. When we got in, he watched Corpse Bride and fell asleep on the couch.