Today was a long day. I kept Tony company while his parents and Danielle interviewed the new prospects for the nanny job. He had completely destroyed the playroom to the point that it looked like a hurricane had went through there. He manded for Corpse Bride when I arrived. It seems to be his current favorite movie, since he’s been requesting everyday for the past week. He likes the menu of the movie. I knew this because he would hold down my hands to make sure I wouldn’t press play. After about 5 minutes of the menu, the movie automatically started to play. While he watched the movie, he played with his train set. I made a circle with the train tracks and this seemed to amuse him greatly. I took the opportunity to work on some ABA. He seems to be catching on to recognizing specific pieces of clothing and parts of the body pretty quickly. He was repeatedly distracted by the girls coming in. He’s a little ladies’ man.

During the interview session, he manded to go out on the bus. When we got out there, he went straight to his car seat and climbed in. I buckled him like we were fixing to go somewhere. After a little while of sitting there, I took him out of the seat and he started to yell out the window “Helloooo!” When he got tired of the bus, we went to the back and played stop-go. He was having fun. He would tell me to stop and when to go. He made sure that I completely stopped each time. When he got a little tired, we headed back to the house. Later, Danielle and I took Tony to Chick Fil A and got him some fries.

Once we got back from Chick Fil A, we tried to get Tony to play some games on the computer. The only ones he seemed to be interested in had to do with the Wiggles.

Later on before Marlaina and Anton were getting ready to leave, we decided to take Tony to the store so they could get out of the house unnoticed. We took him to Publix to pick out some new crayons and markers. After Publix, we headed to Chick Fil A to get him some more fries. While we were in the line, he kept saying “night night in bed”. On the way back to the house, Tony fell asleep in the car.

Once we got home, he continued to say “night night in bed”. We put him on the couch and put a movie in trying to persuade him to sleep on the couch. He got up and ran towards the steps continuously saying “night night in bed”. We both tried to get him to lay down on the couch with us but he couldn’t be persuaded. Each time he wanted to go upstairs and we tried to get him to go to sleep on the couch he would start screaming. We would get him calmed down for a few minutes and then it would start all over again. So we called Marlaina and she came home early.

Once Marlaina arrived, we took a trip to the crayon and marker store, then we went back home and Tony went to sleep.