When I arrived today, the first thing Tony asked for was Bob the builder. Markers had been thrown everywhere and he was in the process of taking the caps off and lining them up. Not too long after, he requested Corpse Bride. I was able to persuade him to go into his playroom to watch it. He kept saying press play when I got the TV going, but he seemed to be a little confused when I didn’t touch the TV. I had used the remote to work the DVD player instead. While he was amused with Corpse Bride, I took the opportunity to try and get some ABA done. He was somewhat hesitant at first, but I managed to get him to answer a few things for me here and there.

I had been asking him to help me on the bug puzzle all morning but he was so caught up in his movie that he was uninterested. He eventually asked to paint. While I was in the kitchen getting water to paint with, he did part of the puzzle by himself. I came back to a puzzle that was basically completed. We painted for a little bit. His favorite color seems to be purple these days. He requested for it over and over again. He helped with cleaning up. I asked him to put things in the trash can for me and he would. When we were all done, he manded to draw. I took this opportunity to help him with his motor skills, since he doesn’t seem to be able to draw a circle efficiently. I drew letters of the alphabet for him, and asked him what letter it was. He did this well.

Later in the day, we went out onto the blue bus. He still refers to it as the green bus though. He always seems to be easily amused by the bus. When we got in there, he went straight to the driving seat. He wanted me to put his seat belt on and everything, and he pretended to drive the bus. He made sure to roll down the windows, and yell hello when there was absolutely no one outside. A little while of this and it was back inside and more Bob the Builder.

Sometime during the day, he went up to his Dad and recognized his carbonated water as “bubble water”. When his parents offered to give him some, he got really excited. While they were getting it for him, he was running around the living room, saying “bubble water” over and over again. He pretty much chugged it down. We went back into his play room and watched Corpse Bride. we did some more ABA like putting your feet together and putting them apart. He seemed to enjoy this. When we were all done, he went and crashed on the couch. He manded for turtle, milk and blanket. He was given another diaper change and it was off to bed.