Today when I arrived Tony seemed excited to see me. Marlaina and Anton informed me that it had been a long night with Tony only sleeping about 3 hours. This seems to have become a normal routine for him latley. But nonethless, he was full or energy and ready to head into the playroom.

We started out painting. He told me everything I needed as usual and asked for his new paint set. This paint set had the three primary colors yellow, blue and red. He then began to mix them to make different colors. He was excited everytime he made a new one and would happily say its name. When we were all done painting we went into the bathroom to wash our hands. Tony told me what we needed to do and then dried his hands off by himself without my prompting him.

Then we headed out to the bus. Tony and I played in the bus for about 15 minutes before we headed back into the house. Once back in the house we packed the Wiggles bag for our trip to see Brittany for his OT session.

On the way to the OT session we stopped at CVS to get some crayons and markers. I told Tony to pick 1 crayon box and 1 marker box. He was so excited that he grabbed about 8 different things. I tried to get him to narrow it down but it made him start to get upset. I didn’t want him to get upset since we were going to his OT session so I gave in and let him have 4 things.

When we arrived at the school, we sat on the benches outside waiting for Brittany. There were other kids coming in and out and Tony was excited to see them all. He greeted them all with a high pitched “hiii” and got really excited when he saw one with a Sponge Bob bookbag. Once Brittany arrived, we headed inside for Tony’s session.

Tony had a really good OT session. Brittany and Tony made things out of clay, drew circles, put beads on a string and replicated block designs.

After the OT session we headed home. On the way home Tony fell asleep in the car. When we got home, Tony immediately went upstairs to bed. So I cleaned up the playroom and ran to the grocery store. When I was leaving Tony had woke up. He has been teething and its causing him discomfort. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow!