When I arrived this afternoon Tony was full or energy despite having a late night. He greeted me excitedly and then we headed into his room. When we got in the room, Tony immediately went over to his playhouses and pulled some of the people out. We started playing with them and then when he was all done with them he decided he wanted to look in the mystery bag.

He pulled out a bottle of brown paint from the mystery bag and immediately said “paint yes”. So we headed over to his table to paint. As usual I asked him what we needed and he answered correctly. He also manded for a bottle of purple paint. Lately, it seems Tony is more interested in mixing paint to make new colors than actually the painting itself. When we mixed the brown and purple paint it looked sort of like burgundy. So, I told Tony this is burgundy and he repeated me two times excited that he had made a new color. Then when we were all done painting we headed to the living room to watch a show.

First, Tony wanted me to put in the Corpse Bride. We watched that for a little while and then I asked Tony if he wanted to watch the turtle show. He said yes, and so I put in Leap Frogs Word Factory. While we were watching the show, Tony asked for more milk. He already had enough milk in his cup but now prefers goats milk to his rice milk. So I made a trip to the store to pick up his milk and a few other things.

When I returned he had just finished watching the Word Factory and was asking for his Boohbah interactive CD-ROM. So we put it in the laptop and proceeded to play some of the games. Tony seemed to enjoy learning on the computer a lot more than in a traditional ways. I discussed this with Marliana and we are going to see what kind of online or CD learning exercises we can find.

The rest of the night was spent watching movies and painting and then Tony was off to bed. It was overall a really good day. Normally, when Tony doesn’t sleep a lot the night before he seems to be cranky and easily upset but that was not the case today.