Today was a long and exciting day for Tony. Anton had a family reunion in Camden so we drove up to spend time with the family.

When we arrived Tony seemed excited to see all the people and was all smiles. When he saw grandma and grandpa, he greeted grandma with “hi Mazzie!”. In the backyard there was an inflatable jump house and Tony got right in there and started playing with everyone. He is very social and seems to enjoy being with other kids. The majority of the time we were there Tony was playing with his cousins in the jump house, but when he got tired of that he decided he wanted to color. He had me draw different color circles and then he colored them in.

Then we set off back to Charleston. Tony took a nap on the way home, so he was full of energy when we got back. I put in a movie for him while he painted and he was still awake when I left.