Today was a short day. I came in with chick fil a and Tony got all excited. His first word was “fwies!” I went and picked him up and he gave me a kiss. We went into his room and painted for a little while. He asked me to make orange and purple for him, saying please at the right times. He told me what colors I needed to make purple and he started making it himself after he got the hang of it. It seemed to amuse him, since he kept doing it over and over again on different spots of the plate.

After we finished with painting, he immediately manded for a clothes and diaper change. When I had finished up with that, he started to say “duckie”, so I took him to the pond. He loves the ducks. The first thing he said was “hi duckie, how are you?” He chased them around. He was laughing a lot. When we were leaving, he made sure to tell the ducks “bye”. On the way home, he stuck his hand in his mouth. This turned out to be problematic since the residue from the seeds ended up burning his mouth. He got upset and could only be calmed down by a car ride.