When I arrived I was informed by Anton that was Tony was taking a nap. Apparently, he had been up since 4 AM. So I started cleaning up his playroom and the living room. As soon as I was finishing up Tony woke up from his nap.

He woke up full of energy and was ready to head into his playroom. As soon as we got in there he wanted to play with his clay. Since there was no purple clay he asked me to get the red and blue to make purple. I did this for him and then he kept saying “make purple”. Every time I handed him more purple clay he would say “thank you Danielle”. (When Tony says my name it sounds more like “Dan-now”.)

After we were all done with the clay, Tony decided he wanted to paint. I asked him what all we needed and correctly answered with paintshirt, water, paper and paintbrushes. Although, we had purple paint Tony prefers to make his own and asked for red and blue to make his purple. When Tony was finished creating his masterpiece..lol we headed into the living room.

He then asked for his crayons, markers and paper. While he was busy coloring he wanted me to put in Blue’s Clues. We then switched back and forth between Blue’s Clues, Corpse Bride and another “turtle”movie. This was a new leap frog movie about math.

Later on Tony was hungry and was asking for pizza. At first Marlaina and I were wondering what he was asking for because Tony is very reluctant to eat new things and usually sticks with his chicken, hot dogs, chips and fries. But he kept saying pizza, unfortunately we didn’t have any pizza that was gluten free. So Marlaina persuaded him into some fries. While we were waiting for the fries to cook, Tony was playing with the letter magnets on the fridge. I then proceeded to ask him to identify various letter for me. He answered them all correctly!

Tony’s fries were not the usual ones he eats. These were actually sweet potato fries. He noticed immediately that the color was different and would not eat them. So, I picked one up and ate it saying “yummy yummy” hoping he would then try one, but he still wouldn’t. So Tony ended up eating more of his blue chips, while I put it another movie. Later on when it was time for me to go, Tony was still up content watching his movie.